Advance Your Marketing with Managed Content Services

Your marketing campaigns and sales initiatives rely on quality content to move prospects through the sales cycle. Learn how to generate momentum for campaigns with Managed Content Services.

Quality content is central to driving real marketing momentum that leads to increased sales.

Today’s buyers research products, services, and companies online. So if you’re not creating content that answers their questions and supports the buyer’s journey, it’s likely your competitors are.

But many B2B companies face major content creation challenges such as limited time and resources. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced partner who cares about your results and moves your content projects forward.

In this ebook, Revitalize Marketing Momentum With Managed Content Services, you’ll discover:

  • What Managed Content Services are

  • Why quality content creation is important

  • The value you can expect from Managed Content Services

  • A customer success story

  • How to start evaluating your content

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Refactored is a nationally recognized leader in developing and deploying effective B2B marketing solutions.

"Refactored’s Managed Content Services provides the content you need to power your marketing and sales initiatives—and maintain momentum over time. We’ll do the heavy lifting—from interviewing your SMEs to analyzing existing content to content production. Learn more about the campaign-ready content you can expect when you choose Refactored as your partner.”

Rob Bean, Partner & Marketing Strategist, Refactored