A Marketing Leader’s Guide to Sales Enablement

Formalizing sales enablement across three core areas can create unique opportunities for success across both sales and marketing teams—and increase your personal value to your employer.

Many marketing and sales teams are so overwhelmed with the changing environment that they’ve stopped talking to each other—and that’s bad news for everyone.

Formalizing sales enablement in your organization can open up unique opportunities for success across both sales and marketing teams in your organization—and increase your personal value to your employer.

In the free ebook Sometimes It’s Good to Be an Enabler: A Marketing Leader’s Guide to Enabling Sales, you’ll learn—

  • 3 core elements of integrated sales enablement programs

  • The measurable benefits of sales and marketing collaboration on common goals

  • Practical tactics you can implement now to get your sales enablement program started

According to SiriusDecisions, B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth over three years.

Rethinking Sales Enablement?

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Refactored has the broad experience to help you build a productive relationship with your partners in sales or marketing, develop and execute effective demand-generation programs, and produce sales tools to support your teams throughout the sales cycle. Learn more about our Sales Enablement services.

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"Sales Enablement is the alignment of sales and marketing teams on the goals, strategies, processes, and activities that optimize the company’s ability to meet or exceed revenue targets. Learn more about this topic and how an outside partner can help you facilitate sometimes difficult alignment conversations, helping you build critical momentum for your initiatives.”

Rob Bean, Partner & Marketing Strategist, Refactored