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Stories connect us.

More and more B2B brands are realizing that if you want to form strong connections with people, you not only need to develop a great story, but also nail the delivery. That’s why storytelling through video has emerged as the prime avenue to better connections and engagement.

Investing in video is a smart move as it offers the highest ROI of any media format, according to Hubspot’s 2023 Video Marketing Trends Report.

Audiences crave video content. It’s consumable, interactive, and quite frankly, less work than reading gobs of text.

Trouble is, creating quality video content seems hard and resource-draining. This perception is especially prevalent among B2B brands.

Our take? That’s simply not true. You can make quality videos that tell your story in powerful ways. Let’s explore how.

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of marketers believe videos have become more important in the last year.

Content Marketing Institute, 2022 Content Marketing Video & Visual Storytelling Survey

How to unlock better storytelling through video

Ever find yourself struggling to relay a message to your audience—people who likely have limited time and attention? Video is your answer.

Video is a powerful storytelling medium because it:

  • Not only engages, but keeps interest

  • Builds affinity and trust

  • Enhances retention of your message

  • Creates a desire to know more

  • Inspires viewers to take action

Video personifies your brand identity. When customers can see and hear your message, they form closer connections with your brand. Video also helps avoids misinterpretation of tone or message. Done well, storytelling through video makes it easier to share and retain critical information in ways text-based communications often can’t.

Let’s take a look at four applications where video’s versatility is on full display.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness videos are a way to connect with people who have problems that your brand can solve.

You want to prove why you’re uniquely qualified to help and establish how your brand is different from the rest. Remember, making memorable moments for your viewers is key.

Video Player Image for InfinityQS Strategic Materials case study

Brand awareness doesn’t end there.

Once you’ve established a connection, you want to remain relevant in customers’ minds by continuing your story and branching in new directions. To accomplish this, we suggest creating thought leadership videos to remain visible and foster credibility.

Video Player image to start InfinityQS story about their software value

Generate leads

Selling a complex product or service? Video simplifies your message and guides viewers to take the next step, such as clicking through to a landing page to learn more about your products or services.

Video player image to launch InfinityQS explainer video
Image shows examples of how video viewers can access learning materials on various devices.

Learning and support

Here’s an unsurprising truth nugget: Most people enjoy helping themselves. Instead of phoning support, they’d much rather watch a video that quickly shows them how to solve their product or service issue.

Why not give your customers the frictionless experience they’re looking for?

Beyond easier self-help, learning and support videos can be used to:

  • Reduce churn

  • Increase loyalty

  • Highlight upsell opportunities

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Internal communications and hiring

Don’t limit your video to external use only. Video is an underutilized storytelling format for internal teams.

Think of the essential interactions your teams have: company meetings, new hire onboarding, training, policy updates, and more. These events are prone to drab delivery and forgettable takeaways.

Now imagine if you delivered your storytelling through video in a bright, energetic fashion. This format forces you to distill your story, changing what once was an unremarkable event into a remarkable one.

Video player image to launch recruitment video from U.S. Borax.

Video creation challenges: It’s not just lights, camera, action

Video presents endless opportunities. The downside? Creating quality videos involves coordinating several elements:

  • Idea generation

  • Script writing

  • Casting

  • Audio considerations

  • Visuals

  • Editing and post-production

  • Distribution and promotion

As a marketing leader, you might translate that list into three things: time, money, and expertise.

What’s worse is some marketers succumb to the belief that their B2B organization has a story that’s too complex or too boring. They feel ill-suited for an exciting visual format.

If you’re struggling with this problem, we recommend placing the focus on your customers. Tell the story of how they are leading better lives because of your offerings. Even if you think your products or services aren’t visually interesting, there’s endless creative approaches to overcome this challenge.

There’s never been a better time for B2B brands to elevate storytelling through video. Why? Because video tools are more available now than ever. Technology on every front—from video editing software to production equipment to hiring gig workers—has made B2B video production easier, more accessible, and cost-efficient.

Remote team? Yes, great video storytelling is still possible

The pandemic thrust video’s storytelling power into the spotlight, showcasing its power and forever changing the way we work.

The sudden shift from in-person meetings to video conferencing left many companies scrambling to answer questions about this format that they never asked before:

  • Do we have enough Zoom or Microsoft Teams licenses?

  • How can I improve lighting? Audio?

  • What equipment is available to improve video quality?

  • With our teams fully remote, is it still possible to produce videos?

As companies rushed to adapt, an important yet subtle trend emerged: We became more accepting of less-than-perfect video environments, with imperfect lighting and out-of-sync audio. What mattered most was the message.

Being remote proved to be the most difficult challenge, requiring creative solutions for video storytelling.

Fortunately, our team has experience coordinating video projects with offsite subject matter experts (SMEs). We developed an easy, turnkey process for an international, fully remote cybersecurity company to tell their story through video. We mailed their SMEs a video production kit with all the necessary equipment to record, including simple instructions.

Another Refactored client, a leading quality intelligence solutions provider, had a similar remote video request. InfinityQS wanted to show how customers use their software to solve real quality and process challenges at their respective companies.

Working in close tandem with their team, we developed the “Tales from the Trenches” video series. We handled all the production logistics—from equipment to lighting to editing—and even marketing the series—fully remote.

Once finished, engagement metrics for the five-part series proved their audience enjoyed the authentic and relatable approach to telling these quality industry stories through video.

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Still unsure? See how a production partner can help

Better stories are within your reach. Now you know storytelling through video is:

  • Effective, even for complex and technical industries

  • More accessible than ever

  • Capable of serving multiple purposes

Despite this rosy outlook, it’s okay if you still have reservations. Quality B2B video production takes time and skills that your team may not have the capability to shoulder right now.

If you feel this way, don’t lose momentum for your video vision.

We can show you how we’ve helped several brands bring their vision of video content to life, even if you’re in the early stages.

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