Refactored and Clients Honored With Fourteeners Marketing Awards


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Refactored is excited to announce that our agency and three clientsAutomox, InfinityQS, and Lynxx Networkshave been honored with four awards in the 2022 Fourteeners Awards.

Presented by The Marketing Alliance, the Fourteeners Awards recognize exceptional marketing campaigns, projects, and work throughout the Rocky Mountain region. This year Refactored took home two gold and two silver awards.

Read on to learn about our client partnerships and how Refactored helped solve complex problems to achieve award-winning results.

Automox: Gold

Powering an Effective Resource Hub with IA, UX, and Headless CMS


Corporate website design and development: $75K - $150K

IT teams rely on cybersecurity firm Automox for two key reasons:
1) Automated solutions for configuration, patching, troubleshooting, and endpoint security
2) Education, including a user community and robust resource center

While customers loved consuming Automox’s educational content, the company’s internal users struggled to manage it. That’s mainly because components were built over time around an outdated monolithic website architecture.

In this siloed structure, content changes and updates took too much time. Whenever changes were necessary, the marketing team was forced to ask developers for help, which only delayed the process more. 

Automox desperately needed a better way to manage content without rebuilding their entire site.

Refactored centralized Automox’s content in Storyblok, a leading headless CMS. Making this move eliminated siloes, simplified content management, and improved the user experience for site visitors.

The headless CMS also resulted in:

  • Higher conversion (with the resource center as the leading source)

  • Increased content engagement

  • A faster, better performing website

  • Improved website navigation and search functionality

  • Easier content creation and update process for the marketing team

And in the IT industry, where quick access to information is coveted, Automox elevated itself above competitors.

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InfinityQS: Gold and Silver

Leading with Customer-and-Product Centric Experiences

InfinityQS (Now Advantive)

Gold: B2B Product-Led Sales Model
Silver: B2B Product/Solution Campaign

People expect SaaS solutions to be both easy to use and easy to buy. That mindset drove InfinityQS’ CEO to rethink the company’s outdated traditional sales model in favor of a product-led experience.

Executing this revolutionary change landed on Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing. Fortunately, Matranga was well positioned for such a monumental shift as he spent years building a talented internal team and a strong relationship with Refactored.

Facing a short 3-month timeline and aggressive goal of achieving 1,000 subscription signups for their SaaS product, Enact, we guided InfinityQS’ move to product-led sales and launched the supporting marketing awareness campaign.

Each of these interdependent initiatives proved highly successful, winning two Fourteeners Awards.

Product-Led Sales: Gold

InfinityQS believed that moving to a product-led model would remove friction from the buying process for Enact. This strategy also gave prospective customers:

  • Direct, immediate access to a limited number of “Freemium” licenses

  • The means to test the software’s capabilities in their live production environments

  • Significantly shorter time to value

  • Shareable data to make the case for purchasing more software licenses

But a monumental shift like this required rethinking marketing, sales, and support strategy. In tandem with Matranga, Refactored managed the strategy and execution across multiple steps, layers, teams, and channels.

Thanks to the careful and collaborative approach, the Enact Freemium program launched on time and on budget.

Marketing a Freemium SaaS Solution: Silver

We knew the Enact Freemium program’s success would depend on a highly targeted and precise marketing campaign.

The process started with detailed discovery sessions with the InfinityQS leadership team to identify three core audiences for the Freemium offer.

Then, Refactored crafted tailored messaging for each group, keeping in mind these professionals had little time and needed to see value in the offer quickly.

To reach the target audiences, Refactored employed a mix of channels, tactics, and targeting.


Overall, the Enact Freemium program quickly generated great results:

  • Reached 10% signup goal in the first three weeks

  • Created an easier onboarding experience

  • Increased software adoption

  • Eliminated friction and reduced time-to-value in the buying process

Plus, only two weeks after launch a surprise announcement came: A global private equity firm purchased InfinityQS, integrating the company into a new manufacturing solutions organization called “Advantive.”

As the new owners became involved in acquisition talks, they watched the successful launch of the Enact Freemium program.

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Lynxx Networks: Silver

Moving Toward Account-Based Marketing

Lynxx Networks

Silver: Sales Enablement Program

Establishing a strong presence in a market that’s crowded with larger, national competitors isn’t easy. It’s even harder if you’re simultaneously merging four organizations into one.

That’s the challenge Shay Jilek faced. As the media strategist at Lynxx Networks, Jilek led efforts to unify these service branches under a single brand:

  • The Lynxx parent company (business IT solutions, voice, and internet)

  • 3RT Networks (IT services)

  • WIN Technology (regional partner networks and data centers)

  • Bahr Electric (electrical and cabling)

With Refactored’s help, Jilek successfully positioned Lynxx Networks as a complete communications, IT, and networks services provider. Together, we created the company’s first series of targeted account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

To develop the ABM campaigns, Lynxx Networks first needed to establish a cohesive, consistent message. Through competitor research and detailed interviews, we produced a comprehensive brand messaging document.

This resource served a vital role in bringing the new Lynxx Networks brand to market and clearly showcased the value of each specialty branch.

The brand messaging document included:

  • Top-level and core messaging for each specialty branch

  • Market insights and competitor positioning

  • Detailed audience personas

  • Value and benefit statements

  • Key talking points for each service

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