How Brand Messaging Propels Momentum


Digital marketing moves faster than ever. Marketing teams are expected to overhaul websites, develop engaging content, and go to market with campaigns in the blink of an eye.

But without the foundation a brand messaging framework provides, marketing efforts can be disjointed and unmoored from your brand’s core identity. This leads to volatility in marketing approach and subsequent results.

By developing brand messaging, your company gains a deep understanding of its brand identity and target audience. Across teams and projects, your brand’s story can be applied to accelerate efficiency and eliminate confusion.

But many companies delay brand messaging in favor of going to market faster. That’s unwise. It’s like getting carried away with interior design details before you even have your new home’s blueprint.

Your marketing team can leverage the information and language used in a brand messaging document, which means they don’t waste time wondering if they’re staying on brand.

Brand messaging helps drive momentum in two phases:


An effective brand messaging document will outline:

  1. Specific challenges your target customers face

  2. How to tailor your messaging to address those challenges based on buyer persona, industry, and role

Not only does this provide insight for individual sales proposals, it yields clarity in defining your ideal customer profile (ICP). The framework explains the connection between your brand’s unique selling points (value) and how they solve your ICP’s challenges.

When you know who you are and who you can help, the next step is simple: apply it to marketing and sales by refining your target audience.

ABM efforts can target the right customers at the right time with the right message. No more wasting time on prospects that aren’t right for you.

By the same token, brand messaging empowers you to optimize customer experience on your website. You know your message resonates better with certain industries, so the process of developing compelling campaigns and conversion funnels becomes clear.


Brand messaging should be a reference point for ongoing marketing and sales efforts because it establishes your brand’s tone and language. This leads to two tangible benefits:

  • Improved consistency—Your content marketers and sales staff will leverage the framework to methodically articulate your brand’s value to customers and prospects. Your positioning is in tune with their needs.

  • Greater efficiency—There’s no need for your teams to re-invent the wheel for every campaign or sales proposal. With brand messaging in place, it’s simply a matter of rousing your prospect’s specific pains so they recognize the need for your solution.

When marketing and sales teams are equipped to tell their brand’s story using clear and consistent language, they can organically infuse what’s special about your company in every campaign and conversation.

That’s when marketing momentum begins.

Refactored Is the Ace Up Your Sleeve

Achieving your revenue goals doesn’t happen by chance—it’s essential to lay the groundwork for success with instructive brand messaging before going to market.

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