How we arrive at a go-to-market strategy

The essence of marketing strategy is understanding where your opportunities are and how you are going to capitalize on them. Refactored’s team of experts help you develop a marketing plan that considers the unique needs of your business and its customers. We collaborate with you with targeted tactics to produce results that matter. 

Where is strategy critical? 

It might be a new website, a new service offering, or a new campaign. Whatever the case, your success hinges on a clear understanding of your customers, competitors, and marketplace opportunity. Using a comprehensive approach, we consider the following elements when mapping out how to reach your growth goals:

  • Brand—what is your story, how is it told, and why should your customers care? 
  • Target audience—what pains do your services or products solve and is that message clear?
  • Competition—what are they doing that you aren’t? 
  • Marketplace—what opportunities are your competitors leaving untapped?
  • Industry—where is your field heading, and how do we get there first?

Our strategic services

The key to a successful marketing project is clarity—clarity in goals, challenges, and execution. Refactored proactively collaborates with our clients to make our strategic work highly specific and aligned with measurable outcomes. Our strategic services include:
  • Annual marketing plans—full-scale framework including digital, content, sales, and other initiatives
  • Website development—migrations, integrations, and wholesale builds
  • Audits and optimization mapping—SEO and organic performance, paid programs, buyer journey mapping, content gap analysis, conversion rate optimization, marketing technology review
  • Sales enablement—external and internal content diagnosis, Account Based Marketing recommendations, software analysis, and more
  • Industry research—Competitive analysis, customer insights, SME discovery

Doubling Revenue in a Target Market

By aligning sales and marketing tactics, we helped Rio Tinto Borax boost brand awareness, grow usability, and increase revenue 243% in an important target market.

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