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Website accessibility isn't optional.

Refactored’s Website Accessibility Audit program provides the guidance you need to start meeting accessibility requirements now—and the momentum you need for ongoing accessibility improvements.

When you partner with Refactored for your Website Accessibility Audit, we’ll provide a comprehensive conformance evaluation, comparing your website to WCAG 2.1.

We’ll interpret your results to:

  • Benchmark your site’s current WCAG conformance level

  • Assess identified issues and prioritize fixes

  • Establish a realistic budget and timing for improvements

  • Outline a sustainable remediation program

Get a Free Website Accessibility Check

Kickstart your website accessibility compliance journey by requesting a free ADA & WCAG accessibility check of your Website’s home page.

Accessibility + Usability = Inclusion

Digital inclusion is a collaborative journey. Get the right partner, the right tools, and the practical guidance you need.

Refactored partners with Recite Me, global accessibility experts who provide world-class solutions to empower WCAG-compliant websites and customized user experiences.

Image of recommendations offered by Recite Me's Accessibility Checker

The Recite Me Accessibility Checker audits back-end and front-end web processes by running 396 separate compliance scans in line with WCAG 2.1.

This SaaS solution finds issues and analyzes your website covering WCAG 2.1 success criteria encompassing:

  • Site performance overview

  • Accessibility scoring

  • Findings per rating

  • Error breakdown

The tool then generates a report including an overview of errors, error locations, and a comprehensive list of actionable errors to fix and check.

When’s the Best Time for a Website Accessibility Audit?


Website accessibility requirements are constantly evolving, and new mandates are emerging at federal, state, and local levels.

If your organization relies on your website as a primary source of engagement, connection, and value, you can’t put off accessibility improvements.

Refactored will help you build inclusivity into your site, regardless of where you’re starting.

Existing Website

We’ll marry your audit insights with modern website best practices to enhance inclusivity.

Website Migrations

We’ll leverage accessibility best practices as you move your existing site to a new platform.

New Website Builds

We’ll help you create an inclusive experience with accessibility in mind from the start.

Beyond the Audit: Build a Partnership for Accessibility Compliance

Once you’re on your way, you don’t have to go it alone.

For more than two decades, Refactored has supported enterprise organizations and associations in building modern, inclusive website solutions.

Launch Your Initiative

Refactored is here to empower your internal teams with:

  • Interpretation and training with Recite Me tools

  • Expert technology and development recommendations

  • Best practices for intelligent error fixes

  • User-centric strategy for prioritizing improvements

Sustain Your Momentum

Expand your bandwidth with Refactored’s web expertise:

  • Content accessibility optimizations

  • Visual design enhancements

  • IA and UX design improvements

  • Technical development and code optimization

Who We Serve

Refactored helps associations and corporate enterprises simplify complex digital challenges and advance their missions.

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“Refactored has quickly become a trusted partner. They heard the challenges we were facing and then delivered a high level of consulting, service, and technical expertise that has unlocked the potential of our website.”

Juan Elizondo

Vice President External Affairs, Marketing and Communications, National Math and Science Initiative

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