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Realizing a Vision

Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences empowers students to pursue agricultural careers with a cross-disciplinary emphasis, enabling them to address major societal issues such as climate change, food security, and economic prosperity through the sustainable use of natural resources. In support of that interdisciplinary vision, college leaders embarked on the development of a unique new entrepreneurial master's degree program that empowers business and innovation-minded individuals to cultivate products or businesses in agribusiness and food systems. After almost three years of program development, the degree was moving forward. Now, the college needed to ensure its planned program and curriculum would lead to success for students. That’s where Refactored came in.


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Persona Development

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Establishing Market Readiness

The Refactored team set up a series of interviews to determine whether there would be a demand for the master's degree and, if so, how best to get the word out about it. We spoke to 15 former CSU students, now working in agribusiness and food industry careers, and a dozen potential corporate partners to validate the college’s strategy. From there, we created personas and top-level marketing messaging to guide next-stage communications with target audiences and keep the program moving forward.


Preparing for Launch

Thanks to Refactored's market insight and strategy, the College of Agricultural Sciences acquired the information and language they needed to begin outreach to the first cohort of students, stakeholders, and industry professionals who will be part of this collaborative degree program. Refactored's outside perspective was crucial in creating the conditions for a successful launch of this unique educational opportunity.

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