Audience-Based Marketing Strategy


Branching Out

The CU Service Network (CUSN), which comprises the credit union service organizations Aux and InNetwork, provides outsourced services for credit unions around the United States. The organization’s clients span multiple states and serve rural and urban communities of all sizes. This diverse network presented a challenge: How could it effectively relay the benefits of its services to such a broad range of credit unions? CUSN needed to determine where to focus its messaging efforts and how to best serve all its credit union clients. It hired Refactored to help.


Marketing Strategy



Service Offerings





Fruitful Analysis

To deliver valuable market insight and strategy frameworks, we began by evaluating customer perceptions. Refactored also performed internal validation, asking stakeholders about believability of services, potential perception issues, and which issues mattered the most to customers. Refactored helped CUSN structure an interview pool that provided a mix of credit unions—large and small, rural and urban. We also included cross sections based on employee title, gender, and generation. We interviewed dozens of customers and stakeholders while aiming to remain cognizant of differences among target audiences. These efforts helped CUSN obtain balanced feedback.


Laying the Foundation

After conducting nearly 30 interviews, Refactored delivered a full market-discovery framework to inform future branding, marketing, and website efforts. A study of multiple buying personas helped CUSN evaluate a renaming strategy and service repositioning as the company evolved the brand. Along with these findings, we provided a comprehensive analysis of the cultures, priorities, desires, challenges, and asset sizes of various credit unions that CUSN served.

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