Award-Winning Focus on Lead Education Propels InfinityQS to Second ITSMA Win


For the second year in a row, Refactored client-partner InfinityQS is a Diamond winner in the ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards.

What’s behind the company’s winning streak? The answer can help your B2B organization excel in 2019—and beyond.

Set the Stage for Success: Robust Content Marketing

Two years ago, InfinityQS launched a multiyear strategy to improve the alignment of its sales and marketing efforts. This strategy was the brainchild of the then-newly hired Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing at InfinityQS.

Matranga’s first order of business was to modernize the company’s marketing strategy. While he worked to build his internal team, he teamed with outside partners to fill in any gaps. He brought in Refactored to perform several critical tasks:

  • Provide focused messaging around customer personas and InfinityQS value propositions

  • Evaluate the company’s existing content for potential gaps, considering the needs and expectations of today’s B2B buyer

  • Develop messaging around the company’s soon-to-be-released Enact platform

  • Redesign the InfinityQS website to more readily engage customers and prospects

The results clearly showed that Matranga’s strategy was off to an impressive start. The company brought home a 2017 ITSMA Marketing Excellence Diamond award for “Elevating Messaging to Deliver Insight, Resources and Solutions to Global Manufacturers.” It also saw the highest annual software sales in its company history.

Center Content Around Your Customers

In 2018, the company began the next stage of Matranga’s strategy: increasing sales alignment and lead development, as well as continuing education around the new Enact solution. With Refactored, the InfinityQS team enhanced its educational resources with an online support portal, an interactive Enact product tour, an expert-led educational video series, and a set of eLearning courses. This effort enabled the company to win the 2018 ITSMA Marketing Excellence Diamond award for "Educating and Qualifying Leads Online to Streamline Sales and Drive Revenue."

"The biggest value our software delivers to our customers is the opportunities to mine measurable business benefits from data they already collect,” says Matranga. “I knew that clearly drawing that connection for manufacturers was the key to driving qualified leads for our sales team.

Step one was giving customers and prospects a navigable, engaging website through which to learn about our products and find solutions to their quality challenges. Step two was a strategic, sustained content marketing program to underpin our dedication to helping our customers succeed.

Matranga's approach is a perfect example of how a strategic marketing plan—one that starts with a careful and thorough evaluation of customer needs and aspirations and that sets the stage for multiyear growth—can reap ongoing rewards for B2B companies.

Looking Forward to Increased Sales and Marketing Alignment
What’s next for InfinityQS? Matranga plans to continue focusing on sales and marketing alignment. Working with Refactored, he is in the process of developing and launching an account-based marketing (ABM) program. Designed to grow customer engagement and increase sales enablement, this effort is built around the capabilities of CompassABM and the company’s existing Kentico implementation.

We also helped InfinityQS implement an internal resource search tool to make it easier than ever for the InfinityQS sales team to find content assets categorized by buying journey stage, industry, product of interest, and customer role. And of course, Matranga's long-range content marketing plan will continue to evolve to meet the needs of his sales and account-based programs.

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