Refactored and Ucommerce: A Partnership for Simplifying Complex E-Commerce Sales


Looking for a better way to sell online?

No, that’s not a trick question. But e-commerce platforms are tricky. You need a solution that removes barriers for customers so they can easily make purchases and enjoy a seamless experience. You also need something that’s easy to manage on the back end and integrates with your CRM, ERP, and sales tools. And the biggest requirement? It has to work with the complexities of your business.

Good news! Refactored may have just the solution you’re looking for: Ucommerce.

Refactored Is a Ucommerce Certified Partner

From our perspective, any tool we can add that helps you get the results you want is valuable. We’re particularly excited to be a Ucommerce Certified Partner because this is a solution that has the flexibility to meet any challenge our clients have.

Respected around the globe, Ucommerce has created a leading .NET-based, commerce-first platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Because no cookie-cutter software can manage the complexity of e-commerce, the Ucommerce platform is highly customizable—just what we wanted to meet our clients’ unique requests.

For Refactored’s clients, e-commerce, digital marketing, and content can’t come from a one-size-fits-all approach. Businesses come to us because they want something more custom, more personalized.
      — Kile Lindgren, Partner and Solutions Architect

What Does Ucommerce Offer That Other Platforms Don’t?

Maybe a client is facing challenges integrating their website and sales and ERP. Maybe they are a midsize enterprise dealing with thousands—or millions—of SKUs and price variations. Or maybe they are a B2B company in which sales cycles are long, bulk rates are negotiated, and sales offerings are complex.

Many organizations try to solve that complexity by stitching together a patchwork of solutions, keeping all their content on their main website, creating a separate site for e-commerce, and managing an ERP on the side. Ucommerce prides itself on “bringing content and commerce together” through a powerful .NET-based, commerce-first platform that is seamlessly integrated into your CMS.

We find that it extends the way the Kentico platform works to provide extremely flexible options. The solution provides lots of built-in integrations that help clients get details right—for example, calculating taxes or direct payment-provider integration without a custom payment gateway. If you need to create multiple catalogs, offer a variety of product pricing options, split orders into multiple shipments, accept multiple payments, process refunds, or sell through multiple sales channels, we can use Ucommerce to help you manage it all in one place.

Ucommerce Features We Think You’ll Love

  • Built-in integrations help you manage e-commerce, website, and sales in one platform

  • Simplify payment processing with secure direct payment-provider integration

  • Support multiple stores, catalogs, product descriptions and pricing variants

  • Manage shipping including split orders and multiple shipments

  • Simplify payments and refund management

  • Sell through multiple sales channels

  • Easily create orders and manage order flow

  • Customizable, customer-friendly checkout flow

Committed to Your Success

To ensure that clients get the best results from that customization, Ucommerce requires that all partners maintain at least two Ucommerce Certified Developers and at least one Ucommerce Sales Person.

We were thrilled to participate in the training so that our experts are able to answer all your questions, help you explore options, and provide the precise custom e-commerce solution your business requires. After all, that’s why our clients come to us.

Are you ready for an e-commerce solution that really works for your business? Contact us and we can talk about how to solve your challenge.