Reaching New Heights: Refactored Honored with 6 Fourteener Awards


The Fourteeners Awards have been announced for 2021 and Refactored is proud to announce that our clients InteliSecure, InfinityQS, and XtremeAg have been recognized for their work in reaching people and fostering communities.

The annual Fourteeners honors are presented by The Marketing Alliance and the Colorado Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Each year, hundreds of marketing professionals in the Rocky Mountain Region compete for recognition of outstanding campaigns, projects, and other work.

Throughout the past year and continuing today, we have worked to create opportunities for our clients to stay connected with the people they serve when face-to-face communication isn’t an option. By working together with them and the larger network of marketing professionals—whose participation in organizations like the Marketing Alliance and AMA helps keep our work fresh—we’ve committed to keep delivering results despite the challenges that surround us.

“Refactored is honored to be recognized alongside our clients for the work we’ve done together connecting people and reaching them with messages that provide real benefit to their lives. We’re fortunate to be part of a network of marketing leaders here in Colorado and across the U.S. that are dedicated to serving their customers, and the opportunity to help them succeed is something we’re thankful for every day.” — Rob Bean, Partner

InteliSecure: Best Execution

Aperture Product Launch

Paid, Owned, Earned Media $75-$150K
InteliSecure – Improving Digital Marketing Performance While Spending Less

InteliSecure: Gold

Aperture Product Launch | Optimizing Email Nurture Performance | Improving Digital Marketing Performance

Gold:  B2B Product/Solution Campaign $150K+ 
Gold:  Marketing Automation/Lead Nurture Program 
Gold:  Paid, Owned, Earned Media $75-$150K

Refactored partnered with InteliSecure on three major marketing programs in 2020. The success of these efforts played a significant role in the company’s acquisition by Proofpoint in March of 2021 and enabled continuation of its business and services for their customers.

New Product Launch

The first campaign focused on providing strategic guidance and expertise to promote InteliSecure’s brand and launch Aperture, their first in-house developed product. If they were able to successfully raise their visibility as a company and garner enough interest in Aperture, they hoped to make themselves an appealing acquisition target.

To help InteliSecure achieve these goals, Refactored crafted a robust, multifaceted campaign. We created a balance of public-facing promotions, coordinated paid and organic outreach, and developed sales enablement materials for sales teams working with prospects.

The campaign worked to simultaneously engage prospects with the new product while increasing the company’s visibility and positioning it as high value. The campaign:

  • Launched on time and within budget

  • Built awareness through a series of well-attended, targeted webinars for customers, prospects, and the press

  • Enabled InteliSecure to exceed sales goals for 2020

See the Aperture program page.

The other winning campaigns focused on enabling InteliSecure’s sales efforts by optimizing email nurture performance and improving digital marketing performance.

Nurturing Success

A robust, relevant email nurture program is critical to InteliSecure’s growth as it is key to fostering early stage leads into better-educated prospects. The company’s previous program was performing poorly when Refactored was given control of it, so we immediately began investigating why. We determined that the issue was the email content. We developed a fresh strategy and rewrote the emails to provide prospects with targeted, relevant information. The new nurture series was crafted to educate prospects about their own needs and lead them to a solution.

The new program exceeded InteliSecure’s expectations for what a nurture series could do. Refactored decreased unsubscribe rates by 90.7%, improved open rates, and kept prospects opted-in to subsequent messages. This has delivered more sales calls, opportunities, and closed sales for InteliSecure.

Aligning Messaging to Grow Sales

Following the success of the nurture revision, InteliSecure asked Refactored to take over their digital marketing program to help improve its performance. The program we inherited did not align with InteliSecure’s messaging needs because it was set up generically, lacked personalization, was poorly targeted, and used copy not strategically aligned with buyer needs.

Refactored completely revamped InteliSecure’s digital marketing strategy and keywords. Ads and assets were redesigned to be more impactful, and ad campaigns were optimized by managing programs daily and running and monthly test-and-measure campaigns. Refactored also worked with the InteliSecure sales team to improve attribution for digital marketing spend and used this data for new weekly reporting that drove campaign alignment.

InteliSecure and Refactored’s digital marketing program succeeded by increasing their visibility as an acquisition target, increasing awareness of the company, and promoting their new product. Refactored achieved these results by targeting a smaller pool of resources on high-performing keyword groups, which helped InteliSecure improve overall program conversion rates. The campaign met or surpassed client goals by:

  • Reducing Google spend by $200/CPL from 2020 to 2021

  • Reducing overall CPL from $1,300 to $397

  • Reducing LinkedIn CPL from $2,160 to $95 at the initial outset of the program, continuing reduction to $67 currently (2020 to 2021)

InfinityQS: Silver

Building Resilience for the Future of Manufacturing

B2B Brand Campaign $25K-75K

In early 2020, InfinityQS and Refactored launched a major initiative to help manufacturers affected by COVID-19 and the resulting global economic downturn. InfinityQS made its cloud-native platform, Enact, available to new customers free for three months of use. The objective was to provide immediate solutions for quality control and plant operations teams struggling to adapt to disruption.

Enact customers received access to a modern Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution with remote-capable quality monitoring and analysis, many for the first time. Using Enact let them realize significant gains in production efficiency and process optimization compared to using separate, often rudimentary tools. Thus, companies impacted by the pandemic could run as lean and efficiently as possible by automating data collection, responding faster to demand and supply-chain changes, and maintaining long-term improvements that reduce cost, waste, and giveaway.

Building Awareness To Realize Success

To raise awareness for the offer, InfinityQS and Refactored launched the “Building Resilience for the Future of Manufacturing” campaign, which was divided into three phases: Response, Recovery, and Resilience. InfinityQS delivered these messages to the marketplace through website content, social media marketing, Google paid search, targeted email campaigns, a press release, and supporting media coverage.

The campaign produced a 266% increase in the number of new clients entering Enact Proof of Concepts. Channel resellers have also recognized Enact as a valuable solution for building resilience in manufacturing. InfinityQS has seen a 100% increase in new partner agreements. The company has entered 2021 with the largest and most qualified sales funnel it has ever experienced.

Learn more about this project.

XtremeAg: Silver

Launching an Online Community During a Global Pandemic

Corporate Website $150K+

The founders of XtremeAg approached Refactored Media in mid-January 2020 with an idea for a new kind of business they were sure would work—once the details were figured out. Their plan only had two points:

  1. Famers across the U.S. wanted advice and insights on how to successfully grow crops.

  2. The XtremeAg leaders had a lot of advice and insights to share.

The site’s core team of agricultural leaders, influencers, and experts left the rest of the design and technical details to Refactored, with a hard deadline of six weeks to figure them out. The project required Refactored to transform the information the site’s team were sharing at regional farming shows into a full-fledged online community and content delivery platform.

Refactored built the entire site and infrastructure from the ground up: technology stack, content strategy, marketing plan, and sales enablement strategy. And all against a six-week deadline to take the project public at the industry’s flagship convention and tradeshow, The Commodity Classic. Six weeks later, the website was up and running.

Complete Digital Transformation

To accomplish these objectives, we took a multi-pronged approach: Organizational Planning to solidify the business plan and marketing plan; Content Planning to develop content strategy based on customer pain points; and Website Design, development, and systems integration to build a Sitefinity-based CMS to house and secure member content.

The complete digital transformation achieved by XtremeAg and Refactored enabled modern farming practices to be shared over a modern content platform. The project has attained impressive results, including:

  • An on-time, in-budget launch

  • Over 100 member farms (Owners and General Managers)

  • 25 national brand sponsors

  • Nearly 100% retention rate at the time of annual renewal

The founding farmers’ decision to launch XtremeAg proved prescient in light of COVID-19. The value of a year-round, always-available platform for sharing agricultural insights and best practices only increased as trade shows and industry events were cancelled during the pandemic. The site allowed the expert team to continue to reach farmers with useful information for increasing crop yields when they needed it most.

Learn more about this project.

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