The Future of Sales Enablement: 2018 Benchmark Survey Results


The 2018 Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey Report Is Available

Refactored, with insight from BMA Colorado, BMA Houston, and BMA Kansas City, has completed our
2018 Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey.

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The results are in, and we’re excited to share them with you—along with our observations and suggestions for ways your company can align sales and marketing.
We divided our survey into three primary areas:

  • sales and marketing alignment

  • sales and channel empowerment

  • demand generation

In the survey report, you’ll see how respondents rated their enablement readiness in each area, as well as which challenges are most pervasive and where sales and marketing do—and don’t—see eye to eye.

Dedicated Sales Enablement Efforts Are on the Rise

According to the 2016 CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study, the percentage of responding companies that had a dedicated sales enablement resource rose from 25.5% in 2015 to 32.7% in just one year.
Why? Because ensuring that sales and marketing are aligned and working together to drive revenue is essential. Companies that do it well, thrive. When companies fail to bring together their sales and marketing teams, the consequences can be fatal.
If you’ve been thinking about sales enablement—wondering just what it involves, whether you should make an enablement plan, or how your own marketing and sales teams stack up when it comes to coordinated efforts to boost revenue—we have answers.
Download your free report today to discover what other companies are experiencing and how you can speed revenue and profit growth with a strong sales enablement plan.

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