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Strong sales and marketing alignment is a requirement for driving a healthy revenue stream, and content creation is a core area that’s ripe for improved collaboration.

The eBook Building Content for the Buyer’s Journey provides a template for bringing your marketing and sales teams together to—

  • Develop a shared understanding of your customers and their learning preferences
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the assets your sales team uses to nurture and close sales
  • Create a visual map of content by persona and demand type at each buyer’s journey stage

Education of prospects, both before and during sales interactions, is essential.

Download the eBook and start mapping the compelling, high-value content you need to connect with prospects and customers—and help your teams drive more revenue.

Need to Build a Better Buyer's Journey? 

Let us help you educate, inform, engage, and convert your ideal customers.
Refactored draws on our experience and your subject matter expertise to create content that supports your prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. Contact us to talk about your content marketing needs.


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