Harness the power of digital transformation.

Business demands transformation, but change doesn’t mean the same thing for every organization. Meaningful change starts with understanding your business objectives—then determining how technology solutions can help.

Two Ways to Learn: Ebook and Webinar

These guides will help you simplify your idea of what digital transformation means for you.
From the ebook, you’ll come away with a practical approach to managing scope, setting expectations, and thinking about change on your own terms. You’ll also learn about new tools—and new ways of thinking—that can help you design effective change and deliver it to your organization.

In the on-demand webinar, Refactored Marketing Strategist Rob Bean discusses how to:
  • Identify drivers of digital transformation
  • Overcome blockers to change
  • Engage your stakeholders

Develop a roadmap to meet your business goals

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"This is a different, more practical kind of SEO. With every site we’ve applied this technique to, we’ve seen almost immediate increases in overall site traffic—just by creating great content.”

Rob Bean
Partner | Marketing Strategist, Refactored

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