Drive Targeted Website Traffic with Content Pillars

A strategic approach to onsite content building creates powerful organic search gravity for your site. Learn how to engage more visitors with valuable content.

Deliver Results That Matter

Marketing leaders know that not all website traffic is the same. Organic traffic has inherently greater value because it’s bringing the visitors who are actively searching for your offerings.

Content Pillars create a natural, organic draw for users who are searching for your defined keywords and brand terms. Because they are content- and keyword-dense, they amplify the SEO gravity of your site, increasing organic traffic.

Two Ways to Learn: Ebook and Webinar

Content Pillars can help you address multiple marketing goals—for a fraction of the time and expense of many other initiatives. So we’re providing multiple ways to learn about them.

In the ebook, you’ll learn

  • When Content Pillars are the right choice

  • The components of Content Pillars

  • How they impact search results in your favor

  • The steps for creating them

  • How to leverage existing content

Download the Ebook Today

In the on-demand webinar, Refactored Marketing Strategist Rob Bean demonstrates how:

  • These highly targeted pages drive highly engaged organic search traffic

  • Well-researched keyword clusters and SERP-enhancing techniques attract targeted prospects

  • Targeted, authoritative content will measurably increase conversions

In addition, you’ll see a case study detailing a major pillar project that will give you a sense of how this practical, cost-efficient technique can be used effectively.

Download the ebook and get access to the webinar.

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"This is a different, more practical kind of SEO. With every site we've applied this technique to, we've seen almost immediate increases in overall site traffic—just by creating great content.”

Rob Bean, Partner & Marketing Strategist, Refactored