Take this quick assessment to gauge how well your marketing team aligns with and supports an optimal sales effort. You'll see your result right away and get recommendations for potential next steps.

  • How well do you understand how your sales team sells?

  • Does your sales team view marketing as a tightly aligned partner in the revenue-creation journey?

  • How often do marketing and sales leaders formally meet to discuss the status of the marketing funnel and sales pipeline and to make needed adjustments to strategy?

  • Do marketing and sales work together to determine which number and quality of leads (e.g., MQLs, TQLs, SQLs) are needed at each stage of the marketing funnel?

  • Do marketing and sales work together to determine which type of marketing approach (e.g., ABM vs. lead-based marketing, customer vs. net-new logos, direct vs. channel) will most effectively increase revenue?

  • Has marketing discussed which types of sales-ready content— not just top-of-funnel marketing content—sales needs for various personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey?