New Challenges, New Solutions

As changing business environments have made traditional marketing methods less dependable, account-based marketing (ABM) has presented a unique opportunity for B2B companies to attract and nurture high-value accounts. However, existing ABM options are often prohibitively expensive and complicated. Recognizing a demand for a different kind of model for businesses of all sizes, Refactored set out to launch a software as a service (SaaS) tool for content personalization and prospect identification: CompassABM.

Unparalleled Personalization

CompassABM is a subscription-based digital service that helps companies launch, build, and maintain their own successful ABM solutions. Clients can turn their websites into their most powerful marketing tool via automatic IP-based account identification, website personalization, and prospect tracking at scale. These features enable companies to know when key accounts visit their website, present targeted messaging, deliver customized content, grow relationships, and close sales. Real-time alerts and daily digest reports also reveal which accounts are engaging or producing buying signals. Sales teams can use this information to perfectly time their outreach to prospects.

Award-Winning Performance

Using CompassABM, customers have been able to launch successful, full-scale ABM programs in as little as three months. For example, one client was able to connect with two strategic accounts representing $3 million in opportunities just two months into its pilot CompassABM program. The industry also acknowledged CompassABM’s innovation in 2019, presenting Refactored with the Silver Stevie Award in the New Marketing Solution category.

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Project Recognition

2019 Silver Stevie Award: Marketing Solution for Sales & Customer Service
From the American Business Awards® and the International Business Awards®