Realizing a Vision

Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences empowers students to use agriculture to address numerous major societal issues, such as climate change, food insecurity, and urban landscape design. In a similar vein, staff recently decided to pursue the development of a unique new entrepreneurial master degree program that enables graduates with experience in both traditional and food agriculture to use their knowledge to cultivate products or businesses outside of or in partnership with the larger agricultural industry. After almost three years of development, the major was formally approved; however, the college needed to ensure its plan and findings were likely to lead to success for its students. That’s where Refactored came in.

Establishing Market Readiness

The Refactored team interviewed all the key stakeholders to determine whether there would be a demand for the degree in the market and, if so, how best to get the word out about it. In all, 15 students from traditional and food agriculture as well as industry experts were interviewed to validate the college’s data. From there, uber personas were created to effectively market top-level messaging to target audiences and keep the program moving forward. The final part of the strategy entailed creating the messaging itself for both the top level and each persona.

Preparing for Launch

Thanks to Refactored’s market insight and strategy, the college acquired the assets needed to begin outreach to the students who will compose the first cohort as well as stakeholders and industry professionals. Refactored’s outside perspective was crucial in creating the conditions for a successful launch of the degree program.

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