Great Expectations

Colorado State University’s College of Business has had a longstanding working relationship with Refactored, even preceding our establishment as an agency. The college uses Kentico, a content management and enterprise marketing system, for its website development, and Refactored continues to be responsible for the site’s hosting, upgrades, technical assessments, specific security projects, and targeted tech projects. The CSU College of Business is well known in the field, and its online MBA degree program was ranked No. 1 in Colorado by U.S. News and World Report in 2020 and No. 13 worldwide by QS Online MBA Rankings in 2019. The college’s staff needs to constantly suggest and implement ideas for maintaining this level of prominence.

Content Creation

Refactored helps broaden college staff’s knowledge in areas where they might not have as much expertise on the core Kentico solution and provides assistance for special projects. Recently, our agency created a content pillar—a key theme that creates a natural, organic draw for users who are searching for defined keywords and brand terms—for the website and is now working in the technology and marketing areas as well.

On-Demand Support

Refactored’s bolt-on technical assistance and content allows the College of Business to easily adapt to its ever-evolving needs at a moment’s notice. Our support helps the website maintain uptime (i.e., system reliability), while offering a “special forces” team that can come in and handle anything and everything companies need to supplement or expand their internal marketing and website staff.

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