A Powerful Opportunity

With the rapid growth of renewable energy sources, maintaining operational reliability of the energy grid has become a complicated undertaking. Enbala makes software to help utilities and energy service providers adapt to changing conditions in real time. In this high-complexity, high-tech environment, the company spent its early days focusing on solutions and driving change. Now, it needed to take a beat and determine whether its existing messaging and branding truly relayed its services and vision.

A Clear Vision

We began by facilitating a workshop with Enbala’s marketing and executive teams to develop the company’s internal story. Next, we conducted customer interviews and created customer persona profiles to better understand the needs of Enbala’s audience. Next, Refactored evaluated the company’s existing messaging and visual branding against these profiles. We determined that the existing mark and tagline seemed more applicable to a power provider—an issue that Enbala determined to rectify.

Renewed Purpose

The persona research and brand and messaging alignment helps Enbala better communicate its vision and benefits to customers. Enbala’s new messaging and refreshed logo makes it clear that the company serves grid providers, rather than being a utility itself. The emphasis is on the software’s benefits to customers, rather than on platitudes or industry jargon. The tagline communicates the company’s unique identity and purpose, and customers can better understand the potential advantages of working with Enbala.

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