Searching for New Growth

After several years of record-breaking sales, InfinityQS—makers of manufacturing statistical process control (SPC) software—wanted an even better method for engaging customers and attracting prospects. The company’s site includes industry pages to point out benefits specific to different customer segments. But with many manufacturers experiencing acquisitions and mergers, facility expansions, regulatory changes, and other disruptions, the InfinityQS sales team wanted a way to immediately connect with site visitors. 

“Many of our customers have multiple facilities,” says John Hicks, Head of Sales and Sales Operations, InfinityQS. “Industry changes, acquisitions and mergers, facility sales—all these factors can make it difficult to stay up to date with client contacts as personnel change roles and locations.”

Account-based marketing and site personalization seemed like a perfect solution. But the company wasn’t ready to invest in expensive, complex products. Instead, InfinityQS sales and marketing leaders teamed with long-time agency partner Refactored to implement the required core account-identification, targeting, and personalization functionality by using Refactored’s online tool CompassABM for Kentico.

ABM Alignment for Custom Content

For the first step in its ABM pilot, we worked with the InfinityQS sales teams to create a list of high-value and high-interest accounts. We then met with the sales team to understand the priority challenges and needs for each account. Next, we worked with the company’s marketing team to evaluate the need for new or customized content; design custom pages, banners, and ads; and nurture topics. 

With this information, we created account plans for strategic customers as well as ABM plans for lite and programmatic account lists. We created personalized content and nurture templates. We then implemented CompassABM to extend Kentico EMS functionality to identify targeted accounts when they visit and surface the customized content.

Faster, Clearer Connections

We began the ABM pilot with a conceptual, fully customized design. We extended the design to three more page designs and levels of personalization. After working with InfinityQS sales and inhouse marketing to review and refine content sets, we implemented the program as well as custom ads in LinkedIn and other channels. We provided sales teams with nurture campaign templates for each ABM level. The team is currently monitoring the pilot’s progress. 

“We’re excited to see the results,” says Greg Matranga, Vice President of Global Marketing, InfinityQS. “ABM is something we’ve wanted to try for a while, but simply didn’t have the budget or bandwidth to do so with the software that was available. With Refactored’s help and CompassABM, we’ve gotten our ABM project off the ground more quickly than we thought possible.”

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Project Recognition

Winner of a Silver 2019 Fourteener Award: ABM Program

Finalist - 2019 Marketing Excellence Award: 
ABM Program

Affordable ABM

Customized ads; personalized content; dynamic page design; and role-, industry-, and benefit-based nurture campaigns—all powered by CompassABM technology.

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