Is Anyone Watching?

Evaluating the success of a new product campaign can be tricky. After investing time, effort—and cash—into branding and marketing efforts, how can you tell whether your message is getting through to potential customers? Quality intelligence software maker InfinityQS wanted to know just that: Was the series of videos it had commissioned to promote the benefits of its new Enact platform working?

Bringing a New Product to Life

To test the brand lift of the video series, we helped InfinityQS participate in a Google brand lift study. Brand lift indicates the difference in brand awareness between people who have been exposed to an advertisement and those who have not. It’s a great way to measure the success of a campaign. For this client, we measured lift for four animated video shorts that we produced and featured on the InfinityQS YouTube channel and website. 

Outstanding Lift

A typical lift in the B2B industry is around 8.5%--in other words, a brand is recognized by 8.5% more people when those people have been exposed to a brand advertisement.  For a sample video in the InfinityQS campaign, overall brand lift was an impressive 13.8%--significantly higher than the industry standard and a resounding success, according to Google. A detailed breakdown showed that lift was highest in male viewers (14%), those in the 45-to-54-year age group (65.6%), mobile viewers (15.8%), and those who watched the video twice or more (39.2%).

Project Recognition

Winner of a Silver 2018 Gold Key Award
Video - Over 30 seconds

A Closer Look

With an amazing 38.8% lift for viewers who watched the entire ad series, InfinityQS could rest assured that its money had been well spent.