A Good Beginning

InfinityQS had set out on a rebranding project, in advance of launching a new product platform. The company had worked with another agency to develop a visual concept—the Infinity Loop—and an overall campaign concept—Quality Re-Imagined. Now, this manufacturing quality intelligence software maker needed help bringing that concept to life and to its target audience.

The Complete Package

To support and propel the new branding, we built out the visual concept into a complete corporate and brand messaging framework. We began by incorporating initial persona research into a detailed messaging plan, including problems and needs statements, elevator pitches, corporate and product competitive differentiators, and persona profiles. We honed the framework through an intensive collaborative review process.

Strategic Collaboration

With an approved messaging framework, the client was able to rally its entire marketing team—including both internal and external resources—around a set of targeted, prioritized talking points. This foundation enabled a cohesive strategy for all content, regardless of format, platform, or creative source.

Compelling Core Story

A complete messaging framework becomes a touchstone for internal and agency-based marketing.

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