A Vision Without Visuals

InfinityQS, a market leader in quality intelligence software, had a compelling message: By Re-Imagining Quality, manufacturers can transform their efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. The idea was a simple one, yet represented a paradigm shift for most prospects. To support a rebranding campaign and the launch of its new Enact platform, InfinityQS needed to increase the amount—and resonance—of its collateral, which at that point consisted primarily of white papers and ebooks.

A Strong Foundation

To help manufacturers understand the potential of the company’s platforms, services, and overall vision, we knew that InfinityQS would need more than just reading material. Visuals help humans learn, so we set out not just to develop more collateral, but to develop assets that could connect with the audience on a variety of levels and in a range of formats. From illustrations, icons, product marks, and infographics to videos, animations, and, yes, white papers, we built on the company’s established Excellence Loop imagery to encapsulate the Quality Re-Imagined story.

A New Story

Our illustrations proved essential in the development of the brand message. Our visual collateral materials have become part of the core story supporting both the company vision and its new product platform. InfinityQS now has an accessible, visual tool to help customers and prospects quickly understand the value of adopting a new view of quality data. Plus, the company has a library of illustrations and videos to use across multiple channels and new initiatives.

Cohesion and Continuity

Refactored’s illustrations and other visual collateral form a cohesive story and support the continuity and consistency of messaging across the InfinityQS website and in a variety of content, including blog posts, white papers, and data sheets.