Helping Manufacturers Respond to the Pandemic

In early 2020, InfinityQS launched a major initiative to help manufacturers affected by COVID-19: they made their quality management software, Enact, available for free to new customers for three months. Manufacturers were heavily impacted by the pandemic and needed to adapt quickly to dramatic changes in operations, including remote and distanced work. Enact is cloud-based software that gives users the ability to automate many functions and control them remotely. Using Enact, processes that had previously required on-site workers to manage on-premises systems could now be monitored and managed remotely. However, InfinityQS knew timing was critical; they needed to get word out quickly to benefit customers when they needed it most.

Response, Recovery, Resilience

With only a two-week lead time, Refactored designed and implemented a multimedia marketing campaign to reach across manufacturing industries. The Building Resilience for the Future of Manufacturing campaign was divided into three phases: Response, Recovery, and Resilience. These themes framed pandemic recovery efforts through adopting modern tools and building a more resilient company with process improvements. A landing page in multiple languages served as the campaign focal point. The informative, conversion-oriented page included product demo and information videos, steps for achieving agile operations, and a client case study detailing the ease and speed of Enact deployment. Thought leadership articles authored by InfinityQS executives ran in relevant trade magazines, supported by banner ads and trade newsletter placements. A press release, social media marketing, Google paid search, supporting media coverage, and an extended email nurture series bolstered the campaign over the course of its multi-month run.

Swift Results to Build a Brighter Future

InfinityQS and Refactored understood the need to help manufacturers respond to their immediate challenges while also building resilience against future disruptions. The message—and lowered barrier to entry—was successful. The Enact integrated campaign has helped InfinityQS realize a 266% increase in new clients entering Enact Proofs of Concept. Channel resellers have also recognized Enact as a valuable solution for building resilience in manufacturing; InfinityQS has seen a 100% increase in new partner agreements. Industry service providers are looking to offer more flexible, cloud-based solutions to aid their clients’ recovery from COVID-19. The successes of these partners are helping to drive greater adoption of the platform. Thanks to the campaign, InfinityQS started 2021 with a massive sales pipeline—the largest and most qualified it has ever experienced.

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Project Recognition

2021 AVA Marketing Award for Digital Marketing
Platinum Award: InfinityQS - Giving Back with Enact Campaign

2021 Stevie Award from the American Business Awards

Bronze Award: InfinityQS Marketing Campaign of the Year - Giving Back with Enact Campaign

2021 ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards
Finalist: InfinityQS - Building Resilience for the Future of Manufacturing