One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Quality intelligence and SPC software leader InfinityQS needed to educate decision makers in the manufacturing industry around a new concept: Re-Imagining Quality. The company wanted to help customers and prospects embrace the transformative potential of this idea—and of InfinityQS software platforms and services. Yet its existing nurture program—a combo of generic short drip and individual messages—didn’t allow for the type of targeted, personalized messaging that fosters customer connections and shifts in perspective.

A Tailored Fit

The Refactored team worked with InfinityQS sales experts to evaluate the needs of the various InfinityQS buyer types (personas). We then crafted tailored series of messages and accompanying collateral to illustrate the benefits of the InfinityQS platforms, specific to each persona. By customizing content to the particular pains of various roles and manufacturing industries, we communicated the InfinityQS brand story, humanized the company, and delivered a higher educational value than typical promotional emails.

Powerful Connections

By targeting and personalizing email content, calls to action, and download collateral, we generated a powerful response. Compared to the previous campaign, InfinityQS saw a 100% rise in open rates (attributed to more relevant subject lines), a 266% increase in click-to-open rates (attributed to more relevant content), and a nearly 0% unsubscribe rate. Plus, the company has been able to leverage nurture content and collateral at events and with analysts for additional value.

High-Value Content Drives Results

By delivering nurture content with a higher-than-typical educational value, we increased the likelihood of opt-ins and increased on-page times for prospects who download collateral.