Complex challenges  

InfinityQS is a leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services. The company provides manufacturers around the globe the strategic insight to improve product quality, decrease costs, and meet compliance requirements. InfinityQS wanted to connect more deeply with its customers to help them further improve their SPC processes to address particularly complex issues. To achieve this goal, InfinityQS wanted to provide a vivid yet relatable glimpse inside how its solutions work in real-life scenarios.  

Educate and engage 

To support InfinityQS in its mission, Refactored developed a series of short, educational videos designed to pique customer interest. Titled “Tales from the Trenches,” the series features real-life quality experts discussing how they use InfinityQS software to solve quality and process challenges at their facilities. Each video focuses on a distinct issue, such as how to reduce customer complaints or how to address data entry errors. In addition to conceptualizing the series, we also provided filming, lighting, editing, and post-editing services. Finally, we launched a promotional campaign that included social activation and a direct outreach email program. 

Deepened connections 

The campaign effectively engaged current customers and produced a variety of measurable results. These included an increase in the average time spent on the site and an uplift in engagements for extended training. By incorporating real-life scenarios, the series brought the effectiveness of InfinityQS SPC software to life and generated new conversations with existing customers.

Read more on the full details of the Tales from the Trenches video series in the case study here.

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