A Brand-New Idea

Manufacturing software maker InfintyQS wanted to make sure customers and prospects understood the value behind its core concept, Quality Re-Imagined. The company knew the idea wouldn’t be an intuitive one for many manufacturers, who were accustomed to viewing quality intelligence as a cost center rather than a profit-generating strategy. As such, it needed an effective way to catch customers’ attention.

Visualizing the Concept

Our team worked with InfinityQS experts to develop campaign ideas around the Quality Re-Imagined idea. Once a concept was approved, we created several slogans and visual themes that embodied the delight that customers experienced when discovering the potential benefits of the InfinityQS platform. To provide an even higher level of engagement, we proposed a series of video teasers that would expand on each theme.

A Cohesive Campaign

Designed for use in social media and with manufacturing quality publications, these short-form videos each centered around a visual theme of discovering hidden treasure inside standard manufactured or packaged items like those produced by InfinityQS customers. Paired with voice-over explaining the Quality Re-Imagined concept, the videos invited viewers to see the potential inside the data they have already collected.