A Need for New Tactics

InteliSecure is a provider of managed data protection services that incorporate vendor-partner software products. Historically focused on large, complex enterprises, company growth strategy included a new audience: midsize companies. However, its traditional sales-focused approach was ill equipped to market effectively to thousands of customers who had no prior exposure to the brand. A digital marketing strategy was needed, but InteliSecure had no internal marketing staff. In addition to much-needed website and messaging updates, InteliSecure also required flexible, experienced marketing experts to help create a visionary, tactical strategy.

Going Digital

The company turned to Refactored, which interviewed InteliSecure subject matter experts and analyzed industry resources to create target personas and messaging. We then built out an initial six-month marketing strategy that included a cross-channel digital campaign as well as a dual-track workflow for the creation of foundational brand and online elements. Content marketing included fresh blog content and email campaigns. These strategies and assets helped move InteliSecure’s brand forward, enabling internal staff to focus on specific growth and brand evolution goals.

Cost-Effective Results

Thanks to Refactored’s adaptable experts, InteliSecure was able to revitalize its brand and create an engaging yet cost-effective digital marketing strategy. In the first six weeks of our focused digital marketing efforts, SQL conversions increased by 26,000% while total costs and sales effort decreased by 60% and 71%, respectively. Additional MQL follow-up indicated a further 19% boost in SQL success rate.

Read a Full case study or visit the website: https://intelisecure.com

Project Recognition

2020 Fourteeners Silver Award: Brand and Digital Launch

Building A Framework for Digital Marketing

Brand redevelopment and lead generation efforts happening, simultaneously.