Strategic Storytelling 

Great marketing ends with a completed sale—but it begins with a good story. To develop content that resonates with prospects and customers alike, you need a top-notch strategy. With decades of combined experience, we can help you pin down both your customers’ motivations and your unique value. From developing buyer profiles to coordinating resources and planning channel content, we do the legwork needed to turn your B2B sales story into a blockbuster.

Targeted Content Creation

When it comes to your business, you’re the expert. But many subject matter experts lack the time to contribute fresh marketing content. Don’t worry: When it comes to creating content that won’t quit, we’ve got you covered. Our specialty is working with your experts, as well as contributing our own research and industry expertise, to craft marketing content that hits the goal, every time. Our award-winning portfolios—and our customers’ success—speak for themselves.

Optimized Delivery

Even the best content can fall flat if it isn’t delivered to the right audience, in the right format. That’s why we work with the best designers, videographers, and optimization experts to package and deliver your marketing content for maximum impact. Whether you need a website refresh, personalized content for account-based marketing, omnichannel collateral, video scripts, or email campaigns, our team can provide start-to-finish services.

Innovative Industrial Storytelling: Rio Tinto

What need drives businesses to search out products or services like yours? And how can your organization save the day? The answers are the foundation of strong industrial storytelling. 

With a corporate directive to focus on the company’s positive role in today’s communities, U.S. Borax, a Rio Tinto company, turned to Refactored. As part of a two-phased website redesign, we worked with the company to turn reams of static, scientific documents into a compelling framework and approachable content. 

Download the Rio Tinto corporate website case study
Download the Rio Tinto agriculture microsite case study

Award-Winning Website Refresh: InfinityQS

Outstanding content can help your company stand out from the crowd. That’s especially important in industries with long buying cycles, tight competition, or few differentiators. 

As part of a major rebrand and product launch, InfinityQS partnered with Refactored to re-evaluate customers’ needs and refocus its website content. In addition, we helped the company highlight its industry leadership with videos, white papers, interactive tours, and specialized, optimized content.

EBOOK: Read about InfinityQS's transformation

Complete Content Creation: CompassABM

When you introduce a new product or service, your content takes on multiple jobs. Along with introducing an unfamiliar product, it might need to convey a new concept—and show customers why you’re the best vendor to provide solutions. 

The launch of CompassABM, a new account-identification and website-personalization platform, is a case in point. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a growing marketing strategy, but many companies aren’t entirely familiar with ABM’s moving parts. We needed to educate prospects quickly—and help them visualize exactly how the solution can help them strengthen their marketing efforts.

Read the ebook—Talk to Me: Implementing Effective ABM