Setting a new bar, then raising it again.

Increase website traffic

  • Our SEO strategy prompted an overall 21.17% increase in unique organic sessions for 2017—37.41% from May to December alone. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • Website redesign, combined with SEO efforts, increased total site visits by 15%, new users by 13%, time on site by 14%, and page visits by 18%. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • After website redesign and organized marketing strategy, YoY organic traffic increased by 62% over a 2-year period. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • Creation of a dedicated microsite for the Borax Agriculture division boosted page views by 255%, with unique views up 223%. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)
  • Average time spent on Agriculture-specific pages increased 9.3%. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)
  • Bounce rate for Agriculture-specific pages decreased 23.49%. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)

Generate qualified leads

  • By increasing the relevance and effectiveness of nurture campaigns, we enabled a 100% rise in open rates, a 266% increase in click-to-open rates, and a nearly 0% unsubscribe rate. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • In an industry in which each lead typically takes 6 to 12 months to develop, our campaign generated 604 leads in its first 2 months. (Client: Confidential client in finance industry)
  • Our campaign-support microsite generated 443 leads in the first month—a higher level of lead generation than the company had ever seen in such a short time. (Client: Confidential client in finance industry)

Slash digital management costs

  • At initial launch of our PPC campaign, we cut cost per conversion by 43% while increasing conversions 34%. Our SEO program further reduced cost per conversion 13%, for an overall improvement of 56% to date. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • Call recording revealed numerous support calls from existing customers. We developed a site link and ad copy strategy and landing page enhancements that minimized those requests, dropping CTR from 2.43% to 1.94% while improving primary sales conversions. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • We developed dynamic Google ads that helped improve the client’s CPLs from $180 to $115. (Client: InfinityQS)

Create engaging content

  • We shifted conversions from 82% webinars/whitepapers to 58% higher-value conversions including free trials, demos, and contact requests. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • Through content development and repackaging, landing page enhancements, and updated campaigns, engagement with resource content increased more than 523%. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)
  • Visits to many key product pages increased more than 375%. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)

Boost brand lift

  • Landing pages for a series of campaign videos that we developed averaged site visits of around 10 minutes—more than 10 times the average for main site pages—and contributed to overall time-on-site improvements of 900% for campaign-related pages. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • A Google brand lift study of the campaign’s animated video shorts showed overall brand lift of 13.8% for a single video (compared with a B2B industry standard of around 8.5%), 14% for male viewers, 65.6% for those in the 45-to-54-year age group, 15.8% for mobile viewers, 39.2% for those who watched the video twice or more, and an incredible 38.8% lift for viewers who watched the entire ad series. (Client: InfinityQS)

Accelerate sales

  • Our client announced a 25% total YoY growth in software sales in 2017—the highest annual sales in company history—anchored in part by its overall 2017 marketing strategy. (Client: InfinityQS)
  • Our client saw a 105% increase in global volume and a 207% increase in volume in Brazil. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)
  • The client experienced a 118% increase in global revenue and a 311% increase in revenue in Brazil, driven in part by education and web sales tools, including an online value calculator that we developed. (Client: Rio Tinto Borax)