Do your marketing automation
tools help growth — or hinder it?

Don’t fight growth; empower it. With HubSpot’s world-class
solution you can:

  • Increase your capability and reach
  • Simplify your marketing tech stack
  • Automate and streamline workflows

Refactored’s consultative onboarding, content, and support
services can help you create a customized HubSpot
implementation that supports your organization’s specific goals.


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Why Choose HubSpot?

Take control of your marketing efforts and achieve your goals.

You have more ways than ever to reach your customers—and more competition. Make your job easier with HubSpot’s unified marketing platform. As a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, Refactored takes the time to understand your brand and your business.  Then we create a strategic approach to overcome systemic roadblocks and achieve marketing success.


Don’t let technology disruption derail your business. With Refactored as your HubSpot Solutions Partner you will get:

  • The time, resources, training, and skills needed for a smooth system transformation.
  • Guided onboarding, product training, and certification recommendations for your team
  • An experienced account manager dedicated to your long-term success

Our expert HubSpot configuration will align your teams and supercharge your efforts.

  • Automated workflows and sequences help nurture prospects and achieve sales goals
  • Simple, transparent tracking and attribution rewards success
  • Streamline campaigns with content, messaging and workflows in one intuitive

Stop juggling multiple systems and splicing information from proprietary, siloed tools. With one HubSpot login you can:

  • Manage and track campaigns with configurable dashboards
  • Leverage functional analytics to gain useful insights
  • Share results with customizable reports

“They helped me find gaps in our HubSpot technology that
were missing. They suggested approachable ways to make adjustments that fit our team’s sales & marketing process and routine use.”

Eva Rieder, St. Marketing Manager, Kore Software

Case studies in success

HubSpot Onboarding and Beyond:
Build on a Solid Foundation

Set up your teams for success. Refactored guides you step by step to ensure you get the greatest benefit—and measurable results—from HubSpot.


“Good for the business”
should also mean “good for
the customer.”


We start by developing a deep understanding of your brand and goals, taking the time to review and learn about your:

  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Marketing and sales technology stack and data
  • Audience and customer personas
  • Buyer journey and sales process
  • Website analytics and points of conversion
  • Content gaps and needs

Technology implementation without a strategy won’t be successful.

HubSpot strategy & program design

From there, we develop a plan for leveraging HubSpot.

  • Create a marketing funnel that nurtures leads from awareness to consideration to conversion
  • Develop a sales pipeline that easily qualifies and scores incoming leads to identify when prospects are sales-ready
  • Select the HubSpot modules to best support your marketing and sales automation needs

The HubSpot Inbound approach depends on relevant,
customer-centric content.

Targeted initial content development

Refactored experts provide a strategy for initial content and develop and write assets including:

  • Nurtures and sequences
  • Outreach email campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Sales sheets and brochures
  • Page content
  • Video

True integration requires
expertise in the marketing and sales tactics you’re using—not
just the technologies.

HubSpot integration & configuration

Our certified technology experts configure HubSpot and establish integrations with your existing systems to ensure your teams have seamless access to:

  • CRM and sales processes
  • Segmented contact lists
  • Email sequences and nurtures
  • Landing pages and website integrations
  • Relevant content to support conversations

A cultural shift requires a
third-party perspective to
facilitate transformation and move everyone to the same page.

HubSpot training

Next, we coordinate with your teams to demonstrate your configured solutions and hand off documentation.

  • Guided onboarding for marketing and sales teams
  • Recommendations for HubSpot certifications
  • Training on integrated features
  • Performance measuring and reporting

Go-live day isn’t the end of the project—it’s the beginning.

HubSpot deployment

Finally, we support the push of new configurations and functionality, closely monitoring every aspect of launch:

  • Data cleansing and transfer
  • Process validation and testing
  • Refinement and rollout

Work Better by Design: Support Your HubSpot Inbound, Marketing, and Sales Programs

Our partnership doesn’t stop once your HubSpot platform is deployed. Refactored’s ongoing consulting and full agency services support and complement your internal teams, supplement your bandwidth, and bring vital expertise and perspective. Together, we drive continuous improvement in your marketing programs

Marketing & Sales Enablement

  • Align sales and marketing efforts
  • Simplify assignment of leads and accounts
  • Streamline attribution and tracking
  • Improve lead qualification and visibility
  • Optimize marketing and sales automation
  • Accelerate sales

HubSpot Inbound Support

  • Create an inbound marketing strategy
  • Develop buyer personas
  • Enhance messaging and content strategy
  • Provide content development and writing
  • Optimize conversion performance
  • Improve the prospect experience

Accountability & Results

  • Continually optimize HubSpot configuration
  • Provide actionable success metrics
  • Customize HubSpot reporting
  • Analyze and quantify results
  • Recommend program enhancements and improvements

“Refactored was very helpful when were making the decision on a marketing automation platform. They were very thorough and considered our complexities when we asked for their option on HubSpot as well as other technologies.”

 — Chris Wallner, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Outsiders

Take the Next Step to Make Change a Reality

Refactored is ready to help you create engaging HubSpot experiences that align your brand and purpose with the motivations of your customers. Contact us for a no-cost needs assessment. We’ll talk about your challenges and goals and chart a path for your success.


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