Sales Enablement is the unifying force that will bring together sales and marketing to optimize your chances to achieve revenue targets. Navigating that reform starts with a clear strategy for Sales Enablement that aligns your sales and marketing teams on the goals, strategies, processes, and activities that will optimize your company’s ability to meet—or exceed—revenue targets.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

When sales and marketing effectively communicate, magic happens. According to marketing research firm SiriusDecisions, B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieve 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth. Learn how to bring Sales & Marketing together and reduce internal friction.
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Sales & Channel Empowerment

When 60-70% of the content that marketing produces goes unused (as research from Content Marketing Institute shows) you must ask yourself why. The answer is simple: Either sales does not know that the content exists or it’s the wrong content. Both issues can be fixed with a little communication. Learn to help your sales team excel.
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Demand Generation

“Sales needs more leads or we will miss our number.” How many times have we heard this statement? But what KIND of leads? Sales and marketing must be in lockstep on how the company is going to reach constantly moving revenue targets. Learn how to deliver ongoing value for a stronger pipeline.
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Empower More Sales Wins and Faster Revenue Growth

Get sales enablement best practices and tips to align marketing and sales. Download the white paper A Marketing Leader’s Guide to Enabling Sales.

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