Your Content Management System Matters

Looking to future-proof your digital experience? You know how crucial your content management system is for reaching that goal. Your CMS impacts website performance, security, customer experience, and more.

But which CMS is right for your immediate and long-term needs? Headless? Traditional? What’s the difference?

Refactored has you covered.
Learn more below about headless CMS, its advantages, and how Refactored can support your next website project—headless or otherwise.

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What is a Headless CMS?

Unlike a traditional CMS, headless CMS separates your website’s back-end
content repository (body) from the front-end website (head).

A traditional CMS (think WordPress or Drupal) confines you to publishing within a site’s defined templates. To deploy that content across additional channels, you must perform multiple, siloed processes, creating complex workflows and redundant tasks for content managers and developers.

With headless CMS, you create content once in the repository and it’s automatically delivered to any channel you specify. Headless systems let you display content to customers on any device; when you make a change in the repository, the content automatically updates across all end experiences without any extra steps.

Headless content management systems offer an opportunity for companies looking to gain a competitive edge in efficiency, cost, and tailored content delivery.
A headless CMS lets you display content to customers on any device without extra, redundant steps.

Headless CMS Advantages


Headless CMS increases site speed and reduce time to market with lightning-fast content delivery on any channel. Faster page load times with personalized content improve user experience and SEO performance.


A decoupled (headless) system offers more protection against targeted attacks because the site's front end is disconnected from the database. Businesses can also easily control who has permissions to manage content internally, providing an extra layer of protection.


Going headless gives your development team the freedom to use their preferred programming framework, language, and tools, making integration with existing systems simple and secure. For all future integrations, you can choose the approach that makes the most sense for your business instead of restricted to only use the options a given traditional CMS supports. 

Ease of Use

Traditional CMS requires you to manage each channel separately, whereas headless CMS lets you create content once before delivering it to all channels, platforms, and devices. Headless CMS facilitates a seamless digital experience for customers while reducing touchpoints for content managers. 


Ensure compliance for your website and other properties by making it impossible for content to be published unless it is in the correct, legal formats for users and screen readers. Developers can be sure your properties provide an online experience accessible to everyone. 


Compared to traditional CMS, headless solutions usually require less technical expertise from business users. Marketers can autonomously create content without programming support, reducing costs by diverting time and resources from the development team.


Refactored has been a great partner for us, helping continually grow and evolve our digital presence. They’re supported us with SEO strategies & content, rapid development for strategic web content, and most importantly, an overhaul of our resources center that will migrate our site into a modern, blazing fast CMS. Everything we’ve done with the has focused on up-leveling our ability to driver more and better conversions. They are a crucial technical and development consultant for our success.

Patrick Hunt, Senior Director Digital & Brand, Automox

Content Management Systems We Support

Refactored has the experience to help you choose a solution that will bring your vision to life, regardless of your company’s size or the scope of your marketing objectives.

When Headless Is Not the Answer

Headless CMS can be beneficial for businesses of all kinds—but it’s not the ideal solution in all cases. Some organizations have made significant investments in existing systems and simply are not interested in rebuilding their CMS and website from scratch. And some businesses find value in hosting key data on internal servers rather than in the cloud.

Refactored is happy to support traditional CMS initiatives if that is your organization’s preferred route.
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Refactored’s CMS Services


Our experts will advise you on the best CMS solution for your needs—headless or otherwise.


Refactored’s team can assist or take the lead on integrations, migrations, or custom builds.


We provide an added layer of expertise for update management and feature utilization.


Our staff provides training on all facets of your Storyblok system, including step-by-step documentation and other instruction.

Let Refactored Be Your Guide

Selecting the right CMS for your organization should be a deliberate process. Refactored’s role is simple: you can rely on our expertise to make the best decision possible. Once you make your choice, we work alongside you to execute the plan with precision. If you are ready to explore CMS options, reach out to us.

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