Bring content and commerce together with Ucommerce.

Ucommerce extends your Kentico platform to provide highly flexible options that simplify your toughest e-commerce challenges. It has the power and flexibility to:
  • Enable control of content and commerce functions in a single system that’s always in sync
  • Create specialized, customized product bundles for each client
  • Support selling through different sales channels in different regions with different currencies
  • Create a product structure for managing millions of SKU and pricing variants

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Powerful Features from Promos to Payments

Multiples of everything

Support multiple stores, catalogs, product descriptions and pricing variants.


Manage shipping including split orders and multiple shipments.


Secure payment processing with direct payment-provider integration.


Simplify payment and refund management.

Channel sales

Sell through multiple sales channels.


Easily create orders and manage order flow.

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About Ucommerce

Respected around the globe, Ucommerce has created a leading .NET-based, commerce-first platform that seamlessly integrates with Kentico EMS. The Ucommerce platform is highly customizable, flexible, and extensible to handle the intricacies of any sales model, no matter how complex. Now, you can manage your products any way you want, sell items across different channels for different prices, give store managers control of your order process, and provide a clean, positive experience for customers. All this within the familiar look and feel of Kentico.