We believe that every product has a compelling purpose
—and we’re here to help you showcase your differentiators.

Today's life science marketing leaders are navigating an increasingly complex landscape as they drive product awareness, generate leads, and support their customers. You need a partner who understands why your challenges are unique.

Over more than two decades, the experts at Refactored have helped life science companies cut through the technological jargon and speak directly to the promise that their solutions offer. Companies at an early stage in product development often need help positioning and explaining the benefits that their technology will bring to the market. In addition, they need support for aggressive hiring and capital acquisition mandates. Later-stage companies need help with product sales, public relations, and customer or distribution expansion.

Your job is not just selling a product but also painting a vision of an evolving technology solution that will deliver long-term value to humanity.

We help life science companies deliver their greatest value by overcoming their greatest marketing challenges:

  • Understanding market and buyer dynamics — We start by discovering how to explain your complex solution in concise and meaningful terms. We conduct marketing research and stakeholder interviews to ensure that your marketing strategies align with customer need.
  • Driving revenue with quality in mind — Impacting the bottom line is the goal of all marketing whether you’re building a brand, raising money and awareness, or executing an outreach campaign. We focus on telling a comprehensive story and sharing it with key stakeholders through effective targeting and alignment with sales teams.
  • Tracking effectiveness and attributing success — Measurement is the only way to get a grip on marketing complexity. Whether you're demonstrating lifts in organic search, tracking multi-touch attribution, or understanding nurture campaign engagement metrics, we help you eliminate waste from your marketing budget by refining programs based on data.
  • Delivering effective digital marketing programs — Today’s marketing landscape requires your brand to be more places at once to meet prospects along their natural research path. We understand how to balance your resources between paid, owned, and earned marketing efforts, and we're always working to lower the cost of acquisition.
  • Creating content that engages and delights — Inspiring your customers is a great start—but it isn’t where we stop. Whether via technical illustrations, PowerPoint demonstrations, or a re-imagined website, we help you effectively educate, inform, and motivate stakeholders to positive action.
  • Leveraging the power of your technology solutions — We help you align and integrate your marketing automation, top headless and traditional CMS, and CRM tools to improve effectiveness, enable visibility, and enhance the customer experience.
  • Supporting customer needs — We help you deliver better customer support, provide targeted resources, and simplify engagement opportunities so customers can easily take action, get more value from your products and services—and meet their own personal goals.

Proven expertise, trusted partnership.

“Refactored has been able to do more for us in two months than our other partners were able to do in a year. Their pragmatic approach, responsiveness to our requests, and guidance on marketing strategy has made them an invaluable resource for Investments & Wealth Institute.”

 Jamie Lewis
Director of Business Application Solutions
Investments & Wealth Institute

We believe in great communication and excellent member experience.

Refactored is currently helping organizations like these—and many more—create engaging experiences that align brand, purpose, and the motivations of their target audience.

Previous experience includes work with OptiBrand and Animal Health International, among others.

Refactored is a nationally recognized leader in the deployment of effective digital marketing and website development. Put our experience to work for you.

  • Content strategy and development — Creating content that educates, informs, and motivates stakeholders into positive action
  • Digital Marketing — Planning and implementation for Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Gartner, and Facebook
  • Marketing Automation/CRM — Technical program support for Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Salesforce
  • Content Management — Kentico, Sitefinity and Storyblok Partners, Certified Development Teams, .NET & PHP Development
  • Our clients — Complex needs, multi-lingual, global brands, with custom ecommerce

What makes your organization stand out? Let's get started.

Together, we’ll uncover the answer, then showcase it with a voice, story, and messages that are as original as your brand—and that resonate with the right audience at the right time. Contact us to discuss your goals, and we’ll help you start where you are.