Take Back Control from Kentico

Discover a path to lower, more predictable costs and resource investment in your web platform.

Unplanned Changes and Unexpected Costs—Without Added Value?

Many organizations have that experience with Kentico.

  • As of December 2023, Kentico 12 portal engine is no longer supported.

  • Annual subscriptions have doubled ongoing costs.

  • And organizations on Kentico 13 MVC face yet another unexpected backend rebuild.

The result? Higher costs, increased development complexity, and unwanted process change.

Refactored offers a way to break the cycle.

As a longtime Kentico partner, we saw how the platform’s changes have affected our clients and sought a viable alternative. We offer a capable solution that provides the features you love in a modern code base—without the headaches you associate with Kentico.

Talk to us.

We’ll help you explore your options for taking back control of your website—and gaining flexibility for the future.

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Are you ready to invest in better user experiences—instead of constant technology upgrades?

We’ll help you find a path forward.

In your Kentico consultation, we’ll discuss your options for moving to a more sustainable website solution—in alignment with your business goals, your timeline, and your budget.

You’ll learn:

  • That you do have a choice—and you can take back control

  • Why we chose Storyblok as a superior CMS, providing all the benefits of true headless architecture without the overhead of Kentico’s platform

  • How our Web Accelerator solution provides a way to transition away from Kentico—faster and easier than you expect

  • How our experienced Kentico developers can continue to support your existing site during your transition

Ready to talk about your options?

Considering a CMS change can be daunting, even when it's the right move. Without alignment and clear expectations, it's easy to get off track.

Enlist the guidance of someone who's traveled this path before. Our experts will help you assess your situation, offer options for planning a transition away from Kentico, and provide a Storyblok demo.

You'll come away understanding what a well-built headless experience can be:

  • What you know, but better: Familiar, easy-to-understand interface

  • 100% focused on ease of use: Simple, repeatable, and customizable editing options

  • Efficient, effective, powerful: Create any content, exactly the way you need to

  • Highly organized: Intuitive site structure with behind-the-scenes complexity already worked out

Schedule Your Kentico Consultation Now

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Your Strategic Web Technology Guide

“Refactored has quickly become a trusted partner. They heard the challenges we were facing and then delivered a high level of consulting, service, and technical expertise that has unlocked the potential of our website. The CMS is now user friendly, and our content team feels more empowered to serve our internal and external stakeholders.”

Juan Elizondo

Vice President External Affairs, Marketing and Communications, National Math and Science Initiative

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Take the Guesswork Out of Headless CMS Architecture

Refactored created our Web Accelerator solution after several years of developing on Storyblok. We understand how to deliver the greatest benefit from your Headless CMS including:

  • Traditional CMS features transformed for headless: All in a user-centric interface that feels familiar to your Kentico content editors

  • Built-in best practices: You don't have to worry about how to get your project structured or configured.

  • Prebuilt panels and widgets: Web Accelerator comes with over 20 pre-built, ready-to-use controls that are ready to be styled to your brand.

  • Technical optimizations: We provide easy 301 redirect management, alternate URLs, search index controls, protected content, and role-based security—out of the box.

Why Storyblok?

Build Better User Experiences, Faster and Without Limits

Storyblok headless CMS makes life better for your content teams, your developers, and your customers.

This API-first architecture gives you the power to build anything, publish everywhere, and integrate with any technology stack—without ripping and replacing the systems you already rely on.

As one of the most experienced partners in the Storyblok ecosystem, we can help you do more than replace your CMS.

We can help you transform your digital presence—for the better.

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Free your content teams.

  • Visual Editor

  • Composable content blocks

  • Collaboration suite

  • Publishing workflows

Green icon denoting project management


Organize and control content.

  • Central content hub

  • Digital asset manager

  • User roles and permissions

  • User activity dashboard

Green icon denoting scalability


Empower developers.

  • Endless technology integration

  • Custom extensions

  • Nestable components

  • Streamline operations

  • Develop in your preferred language

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Deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Omnichannel publishing

  • Performance enhancement

  • Personalization and internationalization

  • Enterprise-scale digital experience

Why Refactored?

We truly understand complex organizations like yours.

For more than two decades, Refactored has supported the success of enterprise organizations and associations.

We bring discerning technology recommendations, results-oriented strategy, and user-centric sensibilities to create solutions that truly empower your teams—and elevate your mission.

Who We Help

  • 10+ years Kentico development

  • 3+ years Storyblok development

  • Over a dozen referenceable web projects for complex enterprise, mid-market, and association clients

  • A team of exclusively senior web strategists, UX designers, and developers

  • Extensive work across headless and composable technologies

  • Storyblok-first workflows aimed at maximizing the value of your CMS in your environment

Who We Serve

Refactored helps associations and corporate enterprises simplify complex digital challenges and advance their missions.

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Where Do We Start?

We love helping B2B and Associations bring their stories to life.

And we’d love to hear from you and learn about your needs and goals.

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